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DiscussionD wk 3 (2 different copies)

  Discussion Prompt: analyzing policy (2 diff copies) How does U.S. government reimbursement policies for healthcare providers impact the use of telemedicine in your state?  Expectations Initial Post: Length: A minimum of 250 words, not including references Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years  Reading Patton, Zalon, […]

Analyzing Assessment Data

  Data from assessments can used to determine if learners are meeting course or learning outcomes. Assessments can be utilized in many ways, such as learner practice, learner self-assessment, determining readiness, determine grades, etc. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze sample test statistics to determine if learning has taken place. To address the questions […]

Presentation PP

  Evidence Based Practices to Guide Clinical Practices ·       Explain the interrelationship between the theory, research, and EBP. ·       Identify and discuss the research questions, sampling and sampling size, research designs, hypothesis, data collection methods, and research findings from each study. ·       Identify the goals, health outcomes, and implementation strategies in the healthcare setting (EBP) […]

Nightingale Case Study

Write a 1000-1500-word APA paper addressing each of the following points. Be sure to completely answer all the questions for each bullet point. Separate each section in your paper with a clear heading that allows your professor to know which bullet you are addressing in that section of your paper. Support your ideas with at […]

Leading toward Effective Management

  Leading toward Effective Management Members of the interdisciplinary team are frustrated because two members are providing patient counsel contrary to the agreed upon plan of care. Consider this scenario and address the following. In a two-paragraph email to your supervisor, explain how you will lead toward effective management to address the issue. Include the […]

Qualities of a Nurse Leader

Assignment Description Qualities of a Nurse Leader It is important for nurse leaders to engage with other nurse leaders to understand professional roles; a practice experience is assigned to achieve this end. It is expected that you will spend 8-10 hours with the nurse leader, shadowing them in their position, observing them go about their […]

Leading as a Practice Scholar

  Jim Kouzes, author: “The Leadership Challenge” – YouTube  Watch the video to address the following. Be sure to provide specific examples for each practice of exemplary leadership. 1-How will you establish personal credibility as a leader? How will you model the way for others? 2-What strategies will you use to inspire a shared vision for […]

Leadership Book Presentation

Throughout this course, you have been reading a leadership book you chose from the book list provided in Workshop One.  After reviewing both PowerPoint presentations introduced in Workshop Four, you will create a slide presentation.  This presentation will summarize the leadership principles you gained from your chosen book and apply those principles to effective nurse […]

stakeholder presentation

  For this assessment you will create an 8-12 slide PowerPoint presentation for one or more stakeholder or leadership groups to generate interest and buy-in for the plan proposal you developed for the third assessment. As a current or future nurse leader, you may be called upon to present to stakeholders and leadership about projects […]