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week 1 discussion

  Week 1 Discussion Forum       Complete your week 1 discussion prompt. This  week, you will start your LinkedIn profile. After investigating the  available resources and review the application, why do you think this is  an important tool for you professionally? write 1-2 paragraphs in APA format

Individual Rights & Vaccination Policy

  School board trustees are requesting public comment before they vote on a vaccination policy for all children in a local school district. Should individual rights (e.g., parents’ rights to decide whether to vaccinate their children) be compromised to control the spread of communicable diseases for the good of society?  Submission Instructions: Your initial post […]

Peds reflection

Instructions included in the file below its about kids from 3rd-5th grade that’s age 8-11. We did a presentation on basic first aid (stop the bleed). APA FORMAT NOTHING LESS THAN 1 1/2 PA G ES.  PLEASE READ THE INSTUCTIONS IN THE FILE. 


The Electoral College Argument, Politics and Social Media Discussion Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: · Textbook: Chapters 5, 6 and 10 · Lesson: Read this Week's Lesson which is located in the Modules tab · Initial Post: minimum of 2 scholarly sources (must include your textbook for one of the sources). […]


There are significant differences in the applications of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for families and individuals. The same is true for CBT in group settings and CBT in family settings. In your role, it is essential to understand these differences to appropriately apply this therapeutic approach across multiple settings. For this Discussion, as you compare […]


Identify and briefly describe your chosen clinical issue of interest. Describe how you developed a PICO(T) question focused on your chosen clinical issue of interest. Identify the four research databases that you used to conduct your search for the peer-reviewed articles you selected. Provide APA citations of the four relevant peer-reviewed articles at the systematic-reviews […]

Project Literature

 Using at least 1 current (within the past 5 years), relevant, peer-reviewed resources, create a literature review that does the following: Describes the project’s topic, resources reviewed, and conclusions of each article. Summarizes the principal findings of the research and their relevance to the project’s proposed outcomes. Attached is a copy of Part 1 of […]