question 2

Improving Patient Readiness for Outpatient Palliative Care

Instructions: answer the following 2 questions and add them to the paragraph below. Cite, reference (should be within 7 years), no plagiarism, original work.

1. “Onboarding” without an explanation of what it is.

2. I think you should focus the lens on readiness more than onboarding. Your paper is about patient readiness. Your introduction should be better with how many people need Palliative care and how many aren't enrolling in palliative care because they do not understand what palliative care is.

Palliative care refers to alleviating and relieving the symptoms and pain of an incurable medical condition the patient is experiencing (Schlick & Bentrem, 2019). The palliative process begins with the onboarding process. The onboarding process for palliative care is critical in ensuring that patients and their families receive the highest quality of care and support. It involves the initial assessment, coordination and planning, communication and education, emotional and psychological support, and continuity of care. This process sets the stage for a collaborative and supportive relationship between patients, their families, and the providers.