assist wk 1

Assignment: Articulate the Development of Quality Models and Associated Theoretical Frameworks

Using your reading assignments in your textbook as a starting point, you will conduct additional research on the early aspects of quality assessment, improvement, and management. Your Research Report must include an
introduction, body of discussion, and a summary. You will discuss the following quality models in-depth and the experts responsible for developing the models and frameworks for quality improvement and management. 

1. PDSA Cycle

2. Total Quality Management model

3. Lean Six Sigma model

4. Toyota Production System Lean Manufacturing

5. Donabedian Quality Framework 

In your summary paragraph, you will discuss the connection between the development of the Donabedian Quality Framework and its application in healthcare quality measurement.

In addition to your narrative, you will create a table that contains a timeline in chronological order for the introduction of the quality models you discussed in your research paper. Your table will be an
appendix to your research report and the entries will include the name of the quality model, the year it was introduced, and its purpose. The purpose will be a synopsis from your findings and may be presented using bullet points. Be sure to follow APA standards for the use of appendices.

Here is an example of the table. Add rows to complete your timeline. Download the table from your Weekly Resources.   


Quality Model Name

Quality Model Purpose










Length: A minimum of 3 pages, not including the title page, reference page, and Appendix page.