Wk 4 Video part 3

Provide a response 3 discussions prompts that your colleagues provided in their video presentations. You may also provide additional information, alternative points of view, research to support treatment, or patient education strategies you might use with the relevant patient.

Responses exhibit synthesis, critical thinking, and application to practice settings…. Responses provide clear, concise opinions and ideas that are supported by at least two scholarly sources…. Responses demonstrate synthesis and understanding of Learning Objectives…. Communication is professional and respectful to colleagues…. Presenters’ prompts/questions posed in the case presentations are thoroughly addressed…. Responses are effectively written in standard, edited English.


1.  What role can patients themselves play in their treatment?

2.  In cases of comorbid bipolar disorder and PTSD, how can a trauma-informed care approach enhance treatment outcomes?

3.  What other diagnosis can you apply to the patient in this case?