I was really surprised by my results from the essential self-assessment the 2nd time around. I made sure not to look at the 1st one before I completed it. My score was initially 36 and now is 46. I had significantly more excellent than the very good column than before. Two areas that I have learned a great deal in. I have a better understanding of the use of CIS systems to document interventions related to achieving nurse sensitive outcomes. I also recognize the role that information technology plays in improving patient care outcomes and creating a safe care environment.

Understanding the difference between a CIS system and an EHR is important to understand how each work. Knowing now that a CIS system focuses on management of clinical data and information that allows practitioners and patients to use the date. CIS systems provide the infrastructure to bring all applications together.  The goal of an EHR system is to improve quality and safety of patient care by benefits of improved accuracy and completeness of patient health information.   

“Information technology is the process of searching, organizing and managing data supported by the use of computers” (Hebda et al., 2018). With the use of science to support the use of technology in healthcare, our patients can have safer and better outcomes in care.

As I continue my nursing career, I will use the knowledge I have learned to help provide the best care to my patients. I currently use the CIS system at my current position. But now understanding its use better, I plan to help educate my patients on the ability for them to create an account to manage their health. By receiving recent lab results, vital signs, and physician notes on after care summaries, patients can take better control of their health. They can also use the system to make future Dr. appointments and chat with the practitioners. Using information technology has been something my hospital continues to grow on. I will use information technology more to identify areas in our practice that can benefit from updating our nursing practice. Using our charting system, I can identify areas that nursing practice may be lacking such as IV start success rates. “Technology aids the nurse in the collections, analysis and application of data for decision making” (Chamberlain Lesson 8, 2023) By researching, analyzing, and applying what I’ve learned, I can help our nursing staff enhance performance in delivering of safe patient care.



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