First, explain the role of the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner as it relates to the scope of psychotherapy. Second, explain how this week’s discussion aligns with the following APNA standard:

  • Standard 5G: Therapeutic Relationship: Psychiatric-mental health registered nurse uses therapeutic relationship as the basis for interactions and the provision of care.

. Two scholarly source references are required unless stated otherwise by your professor. The student provides a substantive response to the discussion question or topic  Please review the rubric before posting to ensure a maximum of points. Here are the categories of the new discussion rubric: Initial Post relevance to the topic of discussion, applicability, and insight. (20%)Quality of Written Communication Appropriateness of audience and word choice is specific, purposeful, dynamic, and varied. Grammar, spelling, punctuation. (20%)Inclusion of APNA standards essentials explored in the discussion and the role-specific competencies as applicable. (10%)