Develop a cover letter, resume, Portafolio: philosophy statement, Personal goals (short term and long term), Self-assessment and other professional resources that meet the requirements outlined in the Career Planner Guide.

Resume …. history of working in an emergency psychiatric crisis facility since November 2016. working in children and adolescent units and also with adults. put nursing skills related to psychiatric

Checklist for Cover Letter
Cover letters are typically tailored to individual jobs and companies. For this
Assignment, you will select a job posting you would like to or could potentially apply for and create a cover letter for it.

Your cover letter should be:
Presented and formatted in professional business manner
Addressed properly
Clear and concise (no more than one page) and include:
o Content introduction
o Content body
o Content conclusion
Written in a professional tone and include:
o Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar
o Clear and accurate sentence structure

Checklist for Resume
Your resume should be clear, concise, and well organized, and it should also include
Name, location (city/town and state), business phone number, and email address
(centered at top of resume)
Objective: 2–3 sentences describing your goal/objective for employment (goal/objective in relation to psychiatry)
Certifications & licenses (RN registered board and PMHNP)
Education (Florida University 2014-2016 associete nurse and 2017-2018 bacherlor nurse.. 2020-2023 currently PMHNP Walden University)
Professional experience (Palmetto General Hospital crisis unit 2016 to present)
Honors/Awards (as applicable) (no applicable)

Checklist for Portfolio
Your Portfolio should be clear, concise, and well organized, and it should also include
Personal philosophy statement (1-page)

Personal goals (short term and long term)