Write a paper in APA Style that discusses each of the AACN Essentials and describe how you met each essential. Incorporate evidence from your previous Nursing Evolution assignments, as well as detailed examples from your didactic, skills lab, and clinical rotations.

For each essential include the following:

· A brief summary explanation of the essential that is cited with at least one scholarly source

· At least one example of how you met the essential during your nursing program

Paragraph #1: Provides a summary explanation of the essential.  Be sure to reference at least one scholarly source such as the AACN

Paragraph #2: Provides specific examples demonstrating how you met each AACN

Essential during your nursing program by providing specific examples from clinical rotations, theory courses, skills lab, etc.


· Essential I: Liberal Education for Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice
First Paragraph for each Essential: The student provides an accurate and concise summary
paragraph for each Essential. All summary descriptions expertly identify key aspects of each essential. Every
essential is supported with at least one scholarly source. You need to cite your source(s) like the ACCN
Essentials pdf that was provided.
Second Paragraph for each Essential: At least one detailed and explicit example of how the
student met each essential during the nursing program is provided for all nine Essentials. The student expertly
synthesizes and incorporates significant feedback, concepts, and ideas from the week's discussion into the
assignment. It is evident that the student has thoroughly reflected upon and met the nine essentials.
Essential II: Basic Organizational and Systems Leadership for Quality Care and Patient
Essential III: Scholarship for Evidence Based Practice
Essential IV: Information Management and Application of Patient Care Technology
Essential V: Healthcare Policy, Finance, and Regulatory Environments
Essential VI: Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration for Improving Patient
Health Outcomes
Essential VII: Clinical Prevention and Population health
Essential VIII: Professionalism and Professional Values
Essential IX: Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice