Population Health Intervention and Social Marketing Assignment

In this assignment, you will build on the community assessment you completed. First, start with the Community Health Diagnosis, the priority health needs you identified at the end of the Community Assessment, and the goal and objectives you drafted when you completed the Goals and Behavioral Objectives lesson at How to Write Community Health Education Behavioral Objectives (from Module/Week 9)

Build on the community assessment assignment, community health diagnosis, goals, and behavioral objectives to add the population intervention and social marketing assignment.

Save the goals and objectives you use during this activity for a future discussion posting!

Population Health Intervention and Social Marketing Experience: Go to

Complete the Population Health Intervention and Social Marketing Assignment learning/assessment activity and at the end of the activity—see the last page under references at the bottom of the page to retrieve a certificate of completion and submit to the courseroom dropbox for credit. Passing is 95% to earn the certificate but you may retake the questions in the module as many times as you want to earn a higher grade.

How to Save Your Certificate on Your Device in Digital Format

To save your certificate in digital format on your device, select print on your device when the certificate is showing. (Yes, select print, even though you will not be printing it!) Instead of choosing a printer on the printer options, select save as a PDF file. Save the certificate as a PDF to your device. Then upload the certificate to the courseroom dropbox for grade credit.

Another technique is to take a picture with your smartphone and upload the image to the assignment dropbox for grade credit.

Hovering your mouse over the certificate, using a right-click, and selecting the menu item to save as an image and saving to your device as a jpg or png file is the least effective method, as depending on your computer/web browser settings, this may save the certificate as blank.

The score summary is not required. The certificate is required for grade credit.