behavior project

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to identify common patterns
of social behaviors within a specific social event or a social setting. Your
writing will illustrate your ability to interpret social interactions using
the content from units 1-4.

Activity: Conduct a participant observation procedure by observing a
group/social event. The event could be a trip to a theme park, enjoying a
play at a theater, or a dinner with family at a restaurant. It could also be
attending a religious gathering, hanging out with friends at a coffee
shop, attending a sports event like a baseball or a basketball game,
celebrating a cultural holiday, or attending a meeting at your workplace.
This is NOT a reflection of a past event. the observation of behaviors
must be conducted within 2 weeks of the deadline.

First, write a few sentences about the activity itself including what the
event was, how long it was, and why you chose it. Next, summarize your
observations and describe any behaviors that stand out. Discuss your
thoughts on the common social interaction patterns between the people.
Your writing should illustrate how the observation activity facilitated
your understanding of human behaviors. You should use 2-3 relevant
concepts from at least two different chapters from Units 1-4. The paper
should 2-3 completed pages, excluding the title and the references pages.

Use APA format throughout the paper including for the Title page, and
references and in-text citations

This criterion is linked to a Learning
OutcomeAPA guidelines

10 pts
No Descrip.on
Showcases effec:ve wri:ng and
correct grammar; Adheres to APA
forma>ng and stylis:c guidelines.
8 pts
No Descrip.on
Few/minor issues present with
wri:ng, grammar, and APA
forma>ng. 6 pts
No Descrip.on
Mul:ple issues present with
wri:ng, grammar, and APA
forma>ng. 4 pts
No Descrip.on
Significant issues present with
wri:ng, grammar, and APA
forma>ng. 0 pts
No Descrip.on
APA format is missing.

10 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning
OutcomePaper length

10 pts
No Descrip.on
Has 2-3 completed pages of content
and contains all necessary
components. 5 pts
No Descrip.on
Has less than 2 completed pages of
content and all necessary
components. 0 pts
No Descrip.on
Has only a page of content.

10 pts

Total Points: 100