Reflection on AACN Essentials Informatics Self-Assessment

Discussion reply

Hello Dr. G. and Classmates,

                I feel I have learned a lot throughout this course! Thank you, Dr. G and to all of my classmates for a great 8 weeks! I feel I am taking a lot of information with me as I prepare to complete my BSN journey in the next 8 weeks! Best of luck to you all, and my wish for you is to be successful and always diligent in your journey, and most importantly use your knowledge to provide the best care possible to all of the patient’s lives you will touch!  Now, to discuss how far we have all come!

                My assessment score improved by 5 points! A couple of areas I have noticed improvement in are understanding the importance of having the redesign of workflow and care processes in place before starting care technology. I also realize how important it is not only for the patient, but for us nurses as well, as we are set to a higher standard of care that we must provide for our patients, and understanding what makes that happen is imperative. So, understanding the data from all sources that include technology is necessary to the care we give our patients. I also now realize how important it is for us to be involved in policy and procedure development. We are the eyes and ears of our patients, what we see or hear them say helps us to improve and develop policies and procedures that will assist with providing them optimal care!

                I will be able to apply this information to improve patient care by being able to stay up to date on the most recent information and technology, as well as monitor the systems and programs that are already in place and be able to be a part of necessary changes that not only benefit the patient, but us as nurses as well. Ultimately, we will always be looking for ways to improve the care we provide for our patients, but it is necessary to understand how and why. As technology continues to grow and improve continuously, I feel that we must stay on board with the most up to date information and know how to implement it into the care we provide! Thank you all for a great 8 weeks! Best of luck in your future endeavors!

( Robin)