Power point presentation


Week 2 – Statistical Significance vs Clinical Significance

Please review the article An Overview of Statistical and Clinical Signficance in Nursing Research 

(listed in week 2) as well a view this week’s recording.  Pair up with another student(s) based on instructor instructions, being assigned a group number. Create a brief PowerPoint (or other approved media) presentation explaining:

Slide 1. The definition of Statistical Significance and Clinical Significance

Slide 2. Explain how they are individually important when looking at research.

Slide 3. Present an example, using referenced literature, of each.

Slide 4. Explain how you will utilize this difference as you review literature.

Please create a link (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) and post this recorded presentation link in the discussion board. Each person from your group needs to post in the discussion board, but the post should be titled “Group#_Significance.”

This discussion board lasts one week. Each student is expected to participating incrafting the initial post in a new thread that refers to relevant course readings, this week’s highlighted article and draws from at least one additional external reference.. Discussion board posts may incorporate personal experiences in addition to course content.

You must have these components covered to earn all points:

1. APA formatting is required

2. At least 3 References.