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What developmental milestones are expected at this age?

An 11-month-old girl, well-known to your clinic since birth, arrives for a well-child visit. The parents report that their baby drags her legs rather than crawling on both hands and legs. They are concerned that this is abnormal. The father says that the child only recently began crawling and she does not pull to a […]

What are the adverse effects of amphoterocin B?

1.  How is Tuberculosis treated? 2.  What is Cipro used to treat? What are the adverse effects? What are the contraindications? What are the medication interactions? 3.  Which medication is the first choice in treating C-Difficile infection? 4.  What are the adverse effects of amphoterocin B? What monitoring would need to be done while on […]

Compare and contrast two endocrine disorders within the guide.

Module 09 Written Assignment – Endocrine Disorders Guide Module 09 Content Competency Evaluate responses to nursing interventions for clients with endocrine disorders. Scenario You are working as a nurse supervisor. You are finding a lot of new nurses are unfamiliar with certain endocrine disorders. You have decided to put together a guide for these nurses […]