Law Enforcement


Select  a U.S. court case ruling that impacted how law enforcement operated and  how law enforcement changed police practices to comply with the law.  250 words

W010001 438 – Computer Forensics Process” Please respond to the following

I need 8 clear and quality references per part.  Part 1 I need 4 references & part 2 I need 4 references.

These references need to be current and website based with an author who is current (2008-2018). 

I need to be able to go to a website and see that actual work.

Hints these are current subject related cited references.

No ebooks.

No google books

No paid sites for access.

No make believe books.

****Must be current and visible references*****

Will not accept anything but true references.

References mean the world to me and they should to you if you want to accept my money.

Again all references must be cited!!!!!! All references must be made clear and precise websites I can go and look up the information.

I need actual articles!!! Articles and authors I can references and read about the topic! Please do not submit to me a reference page that does not reference actual authors and actual websites with valuable information.

No google books or Wiki. I need media articles to references and see. Please understand this requirement.

Also this needs to follow APA style and be in 12 Times. 

Here is the example provided and reference for APA.

Also I just need the document in a clear well written single spaced. I will do the editing no need to send cover page or double space. I will do that through my review.

Thank you and see the topics below that need addressed.

  • The computer forensics investigative process includes five steps: Identification, Preservation, Collection, Examination, and Presentation. 
    • Describe the most important aspect of each step. 
    • Decide which step you believe is most challenging as a whole, and describe why. 
    • Describe the importance of forensics examinations in legal proceedings and what investigators can do during each step to avoid potential problems during legal proceedings.  

“Computer Forensics Tool” Please respond to the following:

  • From the e-Activity, describe the capabilities and functions of the computer forensics tool you downloaded and explain where the tool is most beneficial in the investigation process. 
  • Describe the considerations that organizations and investigators must take into account when determining the appropriate tools to use, while knowing that the tool will be used to support legal proceedings.

One Page Summary


I need a one page summary and APA Citation for a journal review by 2pm.

I will provide the journal review.

Thank You

Future Threats and Challenges To The Maritime Transportation System

Discussion Questions: Throughout the past seven weeks we have discussed a range of threats, vulnerabilities and consequences that pose a risk to the security of the Maritime Transportation System.   While cyber security remains the top threat, and the possibility of a “dirty bomb” or small boat attacks are mentioned frequently in the literature there remains other very viable threat vectors. Assuming cyber, WMD, and small boats pose threat #1, #2 and #3, what would be maritime threat number 4? Why did you pick this one and what can the on-going public-private security regime do to address it?

Instructions: Fully utilize the materials that have been provided to you in order to support your response. Your initial post should be at least 350 words. 

Criminal Justice Administration Expert

5 essay questions


see attachment

Policy Presentation


Must include 

1. History of the policy (When the policy was made; who made the policy  (national, state, local, agency); Why the policy was made; How the policy has been implemented within your agency) 

2.  Why you chose this policy to analyze (If Applicable) 

3. Video (no longer than 5 minutes) 

4.  Considerations Related to Values (Is the policy generally compatible with Contemporary Society? Is the policy compatible with important and enduring cultural values, particularly equality, fairness, and justice? Is the policy compatible with social work’s professional values and ethical system?) 

 5. Knowledge Considerations (Is the policy based on the knowledge that has been tested to some degree? Is the policy workable? That is, can the programs that flow from the policy be carried out in the real world? Does the policy create a few problems for both the public and the intended beneficiaries?)

6 Elements related to Costs and Benefits (Is the policy reasonably effective? Is the policy efficient?

7. Summary Statements

research assignment paper instructions in file below

research assignment paper instructions in file below


500 words

As domestic terrorism incidents continue to happen, how can law enforcement agencies prevent, prepare, and respond to the potential for domestic terrorism?  What type of intelligence should be shared with the public in trying to prevent or gain additional information of potential incidents? Do not make all your points about just one of the readings. Please ensure that you make appropriate use, in-text citation, and reference to available source information to support your perspective (be sure to include why you consider these issues important).


Please participate in the indicated forum topic (by 11:55pm Thursday), and ensure that you make appropriate use, in-text citation, and reference to available source information to support your perspective in APA style and format (500 words).

Thereafter, interact (by 11:55pm Sunday) with two or more classmates (250 cumulative words), e.g., explain why you agree or disagree with their post; confirm something you learned; inform them of other relevant information they may consider, etc.

Please organize your response according to the following example.




You must post your initial response by 9 pm (EST/EDT) Thursday and you must reply to at least 2 classmates by Sunday of the week assigned.

Minimum length is 500 words for initial posts and 300 words for responses – not counting the copied questions or references. Answer length is cumulative. That is, the total length to answer all the weekly questions or parts of questions is a minimum of 500 words, not 500 words for each question.

In addition to the readings in the Lessons section of class it is important to do your own academic research.

Initial response must include at least two (2) peer reviewed academic references in APA format found in the school library.  Classmate responses must include at least one (1) additional academic response, from the library also in APA format, that was not used in the initial response or other student replies. That means a minimum of four (4) academic references each week.  These references are in addition to those listed in the Lessons section which may be used in addition to the sources you provide from the library.

Academic references may not include your text or required readings for this course.  They must be peer-reviewed professional journal articles found in the school online library.  Wikipedia, magazines (like Police Chief or Law & Order), news articles, FBI Bulletins and Google-sourced web sites are not considered academic references. 

Naturally additional references, both academic and non-academic, may be used and are encouraged.  This is a discussion forum and should be used as such.

The MINIMUM standards of three postings per week, as well as the number of words and references, are just that – the minimum.  While this will allow a student to pass a course, those who are satisfied to do the minimum usually earn a grade of C – average – for a course.  If you want a better grade you have to earn it by consistently doing more than the minimum.

All posts must be substantive and add to the discussion.  Your responses should contribute in a meaningful way to helping advance our knowledge of the topics the class explores.  Simple agreement and “good job” comments are a waste of time and space and will not count towards the length requirements so don’t use them.

Your grade for participation in weekly forum discussions will be in accordance with the rubric provided.  Your forum grade will encompass both your original posting and your classmate responses.

Work that is late, missing, or that does not follow the assignment requirements will lose assignment points, up to and including a zero grade for the assignment.

Unless specified differently, these directions will apply to each weekly forum discussion.

Be sure to click on the Forum line in your Gradebook and read my comments each week, in addition to your grade.  This provides feedback on your work, additional information on the discussion, and will help you get the best possible grade each week.

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How do we assess risk to assets? What are the advantages of having a threat assessment plan (other than legal advantages)?

APA Style