Assignment 2: Midweek Production Assignment: Right of Pregnant Women to Work

Alpha Beta Inc. is a nationwide company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. A company policy prohibits pregnant women from working in their dry cleaning plants. These jobs are the highest paid within the company. A group of women who want to sue the company come to your law firm.

Your attorney asks you to research the issue and draft a memorandum of law. The memorandum should be no less than a three to five page paper, but no more than 1,750 words, double-spaced. In your memorandum, identify if this is a gender-discrimination issue, a pregnancy-discrimination issue, or both. Discuss the issue of paternalism in employment decision-making. Include citations to relevant case law and statutes using the Bluebook citation format. You need not address the issue of class certification, but only the issue of whether or not the company can legitimately prohibit pregnant women from working in the dry-cleaning plants.

Make sure to use correct spelling, grammar, and concise language.


On a separate page, cite all sources using the Bluebook format.

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