Read the question, follow the instructions, and write 300400 words.


Watch anyone of the following documentary/movie.

1. Capitalism; A Love Story (2010)

2. The Corporation (2005)

3. Food Inc. (2009)

4. An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

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Week5 assign eco

  • Group 6: Brazil vs South Africa (2 top emerging economies)

To complete the below: Focus only on political impact on trade competitiveness of Brazil vs South Africa. 3 to 4 slides is needed and must include tables and/ or graph.

Research each economy assigned to your Team. Compare similarities and differences between your assigned countries/economies and how their economic, political, and cultural development since 1992 has influenced their economic growth and trade competitiveness.

Use tables and/or graphs to support your analysis of the following economic statistics/indicators of your 2 assigned economies through the most recent year available since 2009 (the trough of the last economic cycle). Whenever possible, plot the metric for both economies on the same chart.

  • GDP per capita growth over time
  • Inflation rate over time
  • Unemployment rate over time
  • Exports as a % of GDP over time
  • National government debt as a % of GDP

Evaluate the reasons why the economic growth of the 2 economies/countries varied. Discuss how international trade influenced the strength of each economy. Discuss the role of value chains and value-added production.

Analyze how the failure to use value-added trade measures distorts trade statistics. For example, Boeing and Airbus airliners, Apple iPad and iPhone production, and North American integrated auto and light truck manufacturing.

Examine at least 2 industries that have provided each economy a comparative advantage in world trade.

Journal Article Summary 8

 Pick one of the following terms for your research: authority, competition, confrontation, dependency, empowerment, intergroup conflict, negotiation, organizational politics, power, or rational model. 

350 words

no similarity

no plagarisim

Individual and market supply

Individual and market supply

Suppose that Lorenzo and Neha are the only suppliers of collectible action figures in a particular market. The following table shows their annual supply schedules:PriceLorenzo’s Quantity SuppliedNeha’s Quantity Supplied(Dollars per action figure)(Action figures)(Action figures)20848166122281426101628On the following graph, plot Lorenzo’s supply of collectible action figures using the green points (triangle symbol). Next, plot Neha’s supply of collectible action figures using the purple points (diamond symbol). Finally, plot the market supply of collectible action figures using the orange points (square symbol).Lorenzo’s SupplyNeha’s SupplyMarket Supply081624324048121086420PRICE (Dollars per action figure)QUANTITY (Action figures)

Demand supply of bond with graph

Do the following exercise with the help of the data provided in the tables below. You will use Excel to create your graphs. In an MS Word file of no more than 1-2 pages, write up responses to the points 2 and 3 below. Table 1: Demand of Bonds Point Price of bond Interest rate (i) Demand A $925 (1000 – 925)/ 925 = 8.1% $100 billion B $800 (1000 – 800)/ 800 = 25% $400 billion Table 2: Supply of Bonds Point Price of bond Interest rate (i) Demand A $925 8.1% $400 billion B $800 25 % $100 billion Draw the demand and supply schedules for bonds using: X- axis : $Amount Y- axis: Interest rate Calculate the equilibrium interest rate and dollar amount. Interpret this graph using the Loanable funds theory. Discuss various factors that affect the demand for bonds and supply of bonds. 


 US Airways (American Airlines) owns a piece of land near the Pittsburgh International Airport. The land originally cost US Airways $375,000. The airline is considering building a new training center on this land. US Airways determined that the proposal to build the new training center is acceptable if the original cost of the land is used in the analysis, but the proposal does not meet the airline’s project acceptance criteria if the land cost is above $850,000. Assume the labor and raw materials total $1,720,000. A developer recently offered US Airways $2.5 million for the land. What is the economic profit, opportunity cost, and should US Airways (American Airlines) build the training center at this location?  

Research assignment:

This week should be a continuation of week 1. Now that you have selected a country and know basic socio-demographic and socio-economic information about it, during week 2, you need to relate it to this week’s material.  In particular, we will use the United States – the world’s largest economy – as the comparative.  You compare your country to the United States on each of the economic variables listed below.

1. GDP and GDP Per Capita:  compare these values for your country with those for the United States, keep the year used as close as possible (the same year is preferred, if available), be specific about the currency in which the numbers are expressed – you should be able to obtain all values in US Dollars.  If the values are in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), do note that – most likely they will be in PPP.

2. Using the data you collected for question 1, compare the standard of living of your country to that of the United States (remember that by definition, GDP Per Capita is the universal measure of standard of living, but you may also include other variables if you wish).

3. What is the most recent inflation rate and does it compare to the inflation rate for the same year in the United States?

4. What is the most recent rate of growth of the country and how does it compare to the economic growth rate for the same year in the United States?

5 What explains the recent economic growth, or lack of growth in your country?

Each week your post must be in a report format, not in a Q&A format. So remember to use paragraphs and a report structure to your post.


1) Your research paper this week should be between 250 and 350 words. Shorter submissions will be penalized. Longer posts are acceptable only if the extra words add substance to your report. At the bottom of your post, you should include a word count (how many words are in your post).

2) Structure your paper as a report. Do use multiple paragraphs. Do NOT attach your report, instead type it into the text box on the research assignment board.

3) You must cite all the information used in your report and include the sources in your reference listing. Use APA format for citations and references –

4) Remember to include citations to your sources in the body of your post and to provide the references at the end of your post. Where possible, please make the links to any web information clickable links. Remember the references and links must be to the article you used, not just to the web site. Be sure to include the full URL, otherwise your link will not be clickable.

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