Discuss role of a Human Resources Manager for the health care organization and, during the course.

NSTRUCTIONS NOT FOLLOWED: To demonstrate your mastery of the concepts and strategies presented during this course, you will develop a Supervisors Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM) for a department operating within a real or fictitious health care facility or organization.
You will assume the role of a Human Resources Manager for the health care organization and, during the course, will develop a PPM that will highlight key concepts, strategies, topics, and issues covered during the course.
The final paper will consist of four phases each worth 50 pts., and a final compilation worth 100 pts. This writing-intensive course will produce a final paper of 2500+ words written in APA style. The Supervisors Policies and Procedures Manual final Research Paper is due Week 11.
Final Paper: Phase I (LP2 & LP3) Identifying Policy Needs, Overview of Expectations for Supervisors
Final Paper: Phase II (LP4 & LP5) Measuring Employee Satisfaction, Reward System, Supervisory Communication Skills
Final Paper: Phase III (LP6 & L7) Legal Considerations, Identifying & Selecting the Best Qualified Candidate, New Hire Orientation
Final Paper: Phase IV (LP8 & LP9) Performance Evaluations, Staff Development, Managing Workplace Conflicts
Final Research Paper (LP10) Compilation of final Supervisors Policies and Procedures Manual1. I have submitted the first three phases and have gotten Fs in them. I would have asked for revision right away but I have to wait until the instructor grade me. the paper was written wrong and I havent got more than 10 points form any of the three phase I have submittd. phase five is due this weekend. I have pasted the comments I have received from each phase I have submitted to my instructor below. please get back to me as soon as possible.phase 1 comments.Keji,A good start, but the following needs to be aIDressed:Almost none of the policies covered match what is on the final. It is important that your policies on your outline for the final match what is actually on the final. You also should not have any actual content, it should just be outlining what you will be including.phase ll instructor comments.Hi Keji,I cannot award much credit here as what you wrote does not really aIDress the specific policies and procedures and it is just a paper.Here are some sample policies and procedures.https://businessresources.peoples.com/SBR_template.cfm?DocNumber=PL05_0020.htmPolicies tell supervisors what needs to be done and procedures tell supervisors how it is done.phase 111Keji,I cannot award much credit. This does not aIDress all of the required elements and this phase should not be able to be completed in a page and a half.An example of a policy you might use is:Managers must follow these acts when hiring (you would list the acts we have discussed, such as Americans with Disabilites)You procedure would list things like:You cannot ask these specific questions These questions are standard