Identify the relationship between community health, environment, and policy.

Public Health Why Parents Fail to Immunize Their Children Analysis Paper
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Community Assessment

Learning Objectives:

  • To identify the relationship between community health, environment, and policy.
  • To relate lifestyle to modern health problems
  • To identify the present day needs for organized community health efforts.


Childhood immunizations are important to the health of children, infants, and the public. Ask 10 classmates, family members and/or friends what might prevent parents from immunizing their children. What might prompt parents to risk life threatening disease when life-saving vaccinations exist? Ask if they know anyone who has not vaccinated their children. Divide your list into categories of personal beliefs, barriers to action, and social pressure. For example, a comment that might fit into beliefs is, “their religion does not believe in vaccinations,” under barriers, “they don’t have access to a health care provider,” and under social pressure, “messages in society are promoting living a natural lifestyle.”

Report and share your findings.

(Please include citations or web links to any resources you used. But formal citations are not required for this short explanation.)