What might be the advantages, or       disadvantages, of each variable’s level of measurement?

Levels of Measurement

There are many different methods for analyzing quantitative data; each method is dependent on the type of data gathered as well as the research question being addressed. The first step in analyzing data is to determine what kind of data you have—the level of measurement. Determining the level of measurement is a method of classifying the variables within a research study. Classifying a variable into its appropriate level of measurement helps a researcher determine the most appropriate statistical analysis for those data and to interpret the data the variable generates.

In this Discussion, you identify independent and dependent variables in your research problem, which you identified in the Week 2 Discussion. You classify these variables into their appropriate levels of measurement and determine suitable ways of analyzing the data generated by each variable.

To prepare:

  • Review the materials presented in Chapter 1 of      the Polit textbook.
  • Consider Dr. Pothoff’s comments in this week’s      media presentation on data analysis.
  • Recall your research problem statement      developed for the Week 2 Discussion. Based on your problem statement,      develop a research question to address the problem.
  • Ask yourself:


  • Does the research question involve a       comparison of groups or the relationship of variables?
  • How many independent variables do I have?       Dependent variables? What are they?
  • Is the independent variable categorical or       continuous?
  • Is the dependent variable categorical or       continuous?
  • What might be the advantages, or       disadvantages, of each variable’s level of measurement?

By tomorrow Thursday 09/20/17, 8 am, write a minimum of 550 words essay in APA format with a minimum of 3 references from the list in the instructions area. Include the level one and two headings as numbered and lettered below:

Post a cohesive summary of the following:

1) Post your research question. (formulate a research question based on “the nursing shortage” assignment u did for me last week – See attached file) it must be using “PICO”

a) Describe the independent and dependent variables

2) Identify the level of measurement of both the independent and dependent variables.

b) Provide a brief rationale for your classification of each variable.

3) Discuss considerations of analyzing data related to each variable based on its level of measurement.

c) Identify any advantages or challenges you might encounter in your statistical analysis of each variable.