Geometric image characteristics and radiation physics

Course: basic radiology
Research title: geometric image characteristics and radiation physics
Type of radiation,physics of atom, discovery of Xrays,properties of Xrays, Production of Xrays,factor affecting image characteristics

Course: general pathology 2
Research title: osteosarcoma and exposure to radiation
Study the effect of radiation exposure as a risk factor on osteosarcoma and its mechanism

Course: oral surgery 1
Research title: should an impacted tooth be removed or not?
Objective :
-indications/contraindications for removal

Course: preclinical fixed 3
Research title: how to overcome ridge defects while planning for pontic design
– ideal features of residual ridge
– Classification of residual ridge deformities and problems associated
– Different treatment options

Course: preclinical pedodontics
Research title: sedation in pediatric dentistry
-identify the goals of sedation and different routes of administration
– identify the advantages and disadvantages of each route

Course: self management
Research title: promoting patient self management
Partnership,motivational interviewing ,usful information, make it easy, address barriers,promote patient independense

Course: oral medicine 1
Research title: management of oral candidiasis
Search the literature for the modalities of management of candidiasis