DrPH/DHA RESIDENCY 1 FINAL ASSIGNMENT: Towards the Doctoral Study Matrix: This is a working document for you to start and revise during the residency sessions as you work towards the doctoral study. We don’t expect you to know now what your doctoral study will be. Start with something close to your interests. As you develop your thinking, capture your thoughts and ideas. We expect your final doctoral study will be different after many more courses and iterations of thinking. The boxes will expand as you type.  (See Guidelines and Rubric in attached document.)


GUIDELINES FOR RESIDENCY 1 FINAL ASSIGNMENT: You will develop the Final Assignment during each of the Residency 1 sessions. Residency 1 sessions were designed to help you learn how to begin to develop your research components.

The rows in the Final Assignment represent the iterative process of developing your research ideas. To complete the Final Assignment, there are four actions:

· 1st row: Write your initial ideas/thoughts for each item.

· 2nd row: Gather feedback from others on those items.

· 3rd row: Finalize your thoughts about each item.

· 4th row: Reflect on what you need to do to move forward.