HRMN 406 Discussion Week 5

RWQ Week 5

As ALWAYS, include proper cites and references on each of your answers AND READ and respond to at least one other student before the end of the week. AND post your answers as one post with your name and ‘Answers’ in the subject. I can’t believe that some of us missed this point. Habit? BTW, you should be able to edit your post one posted if you need to.


Read Contents, Additional Resources from Dr. Dean, ‘A few points on References’.

Use the UMC library and find 1 good ‘academic’ journal article written by one or more people on the 1 Competency you’re covering in your paper. Read the findings/conclusion and the introduction first.

And find one business or education or another trade article on that competency.

The context/search, obviously, is the intersection of the competency and either teaching/learning/developing or importance.

In your post of answers, report on a few key points from these two articles. Make sure to list the competency at the top.


Research develope a robust integrated list of training methods/vehicles applicable to the 1 Competency you’ll cover in this week’s paper. For your post, list 10 max that runs the range. Include some that are the (proven to work) established/traditional as well as some that are cutting edge. You may and should borrow from last week. And you must pull in a method you had not considered from another student’s post of last week.


Explore, find and upload a 3-page PPT template/shell of your choice. Before you upload, complete page 1 with your name, etc. Have page two be ready for content. Have page 3 be ready for references. Be careful not to choose one where you have to pay or sign up. And don’t spend too much time looking. But find one that you like and will use.


Find and bookmark ‘Purdue OWL APA’ via a google search. Optional but recommended: Then drag and drop the address bar to your desktop so have a desktop link to this site.